I am  a  submissive  male  in  Houston  and  contacted  Mistress  Cat  a  couple  of  months  ago  when  I  was  looking  for  a  new  Domme  to  build  a  relationship  with.  We  have  since  had  three  sessions  since  then  and  I  know  I  have  found  the  lasting  Domme  relationship  that  I  was  seeking.  She  is  easily  the  most  attractive  Domme  in  the  Houston  area and  is  always  dressed  to  accentuate  Her  incredible  physical  attributes.


But  more  than  Her  looks,  Her  Domme  skills  are  incredible.  She  is  the  best  I  have  met  at  manipulating  a  sub's mind.


I  am  more  of  a  sensual  sub  and  in  two  months  She  has  taken  complete  control  of  my  cock.  Orgasms  now  are  allowed  only  with  Her  permission.  She  has  me  wearing  panties  to  every  session  and  is  planting  seeds  in  my  head  for  future  session  activities.  She  is  totally  inside  my  head  and  I  am  sure  I  will  be  begging  Her  for  these  before  I  know  it.  She  has  brought  up  chastity  and  I  know  that  day  is  coming.  I  am  powerless  to  stop  Her  from  getting  what  She  wants  and  She  knows  it.


  I have  met  many  of  the  local  Dommes  over  the  past  15  years  but  if  You  want  to  meet  the  sexiest  and  most  skilled  Mistress  in  Houston  contact  Mistress  Cat.  Just  be  forewarned  that  You  may  be  getting   more  than  you  bargained  for............


                         sub r.



It's now been a few weeks since Mistress Cat and Mistress Brandi made all my submissive dreams come true.  That's right - a Double Domme session with the two most beautiful women in Texas.  So lock yourselves into chastity and enjoy the read ...


I walked into the Cat's Lair and was greeted at the door by Mistress Cat.  She was dressed in red stilettos, black fishnets, a black skirt and blouse similar to the look you've seen in her pictures ... but those don't even begin to do her justice.  She invited me in and introduced me to Mistress Brandi who was wearing black stilettos, leather pants and a lavender shirt - a more conservative look than Mistress Cat but one that showed she has an equally amazing body and that she should not be messed with.  I was told to sit on the couch and was immediately made to feel at ease.  Both Dommes are smart, easy to talk to, and just plain fun to be around.  I could have easily enjoyed our time together just talking to them, but they had different plans ...


I was told to undress and stand still as Mistress Cat began some mild CBT while Mistress Brandi chained my hands above my head and blindfolded me.  Having never experienced a Double Domme session before, I was immediately struck by how fast-paced and intense it was.  At first my mind tried to keep up with who was where and anticipate what might happen next, but the realization that I was outnumbered quickly set in and I had no choice but to turn my brain off, fall into complete submission, accept my role as their toy and just do as I was told.  And let me tell you - it was exhilarating.


As they took turns with a flogger and paddle you could feel the electricity in the room ... they were feeding off each other and one would not be outdone by the other - and I was fortunate enough to be their helpless victim.  Mistress Cat eventually sat in front of me and allowed me to worship her feet and legs, but every time I was about to relax Mistress Brandi would dig her heel into my back and challenge me to do a better.  Later, when bound to their bondage table, Mistress Brandi truly made things electric as she tormented my body with a wand as Mistress Cat teased me with her fingernails ... her touches alternating perfectly between sensual and sadistic.  This continued throughout the entire session ... pleasure mixed with pain with one surprise right after the other until I was in sensation overload - a complete euphoria unlike anything I've ever experienced.


As has been said before, these Dommes have mastered their craft but are so much more than pretty women with whips.  They get the psychological aspect of submission, will invade your thoughts and have you longing for your next encounter.  As for me, I cannot wait to serve them again.


sub b.